The babies’ room

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Dave making the room all pretty as shown through the kitchen windows

So, our house is funky.  That’s been established.  We closed on the house the day after we learned we were becoming parents of twins.  We knew there was a lot of fixing up to do, but no idea how much until rain started pouring in what we were going to use as the babies’ room one day in July.  There was mildew from the supposedly “fixed” leak all over the carpet and baseboard as well. (No, we haven’t gotten anyone to acknowledge responsibility, even though the leak was called “fixed” on the disclosure statement and home owners’ insurance didn’t pay to have it fixed because they said it was preexisting as far as they could tell.  That’s another saga though.)

The room in question is large — 16′ x 16′ — and is an addition built onto the main house.  Consequently, it has windows that open to the kitchen and French doors that open to the dining room.  It’s not a great arrangement for a bedroom when the babies get older because there is no privacy, but it seems to be perfect now.

Last weekend, my sister and her husband came up and fixed the roof and the leak.  Now the room is in the process of being painted. We chose a light blue that goes with both crib sets.

Also, light blue is the color of the sky so if we want to paint nature-type murals, we can.  Dave plans to add some really awesome things, like a sky on the ceiling.

If you look really closely, you can see some of the lime green goodness peeking out in places.  We’re going to replace carpet with laminate flooring too.

A few photos:

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