The bump

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me looking big

"Bump" is probably not the right word. Gigantic beach ball fits.


So, um, this is me with the kiddos a week or so ago.  I think this was somewhere in week 24.  At the last doctor’s visit, the end of week 23, ultrasound showed Olivia head-down with Dominic’s foot  in her mouth!  Dominic is head up and can kick, where poor Olivia can’t. She can’t reach her feet.  That will teach Dominic to kick his sister!

Both babies are measuring big for gestational age, with Dominic at 1 lb 14 oz and Olivia at 1 lb 9 oz.  There is not a big discrepancy between the two.  That is good.  In twin world, a discrepancy is NOT a good thing.

I look about 8 months pregnant and I’m 6 1/2.  I’m starting to realize what a long, long 3 months we’re in for. I took the first day off of school since missing a 1/2 day with high blood pressure / random cold  in late September.  The babies are just getting bigger and there’s not a lot of room for anything else, so I have quite a lot of stomach pain.  If I mess up, eat too much, too little, the wrong thing, too close to bedtime, too close or too far from my medicine, I pay for it.  And I messed up and was sick today.  But generally, all three of us do well.

They are quite active, although the activity has changed from “Hey, they’re kicking!” to “Man, they really are kicking” to “Can you stop the Riverdance rehearsals here and let me sleep?” In the past few days, I’ve noticed less kicks and more just rustling, which I think probably means they are running out of room for Irish dance and are instead having to do somersaults and wrestling moves.  (As a means of protesting this post, both babies have started their routines for the night as I type.)

I visit the doctor again on Friday and I hope to have some ultrasound photos to post.  Generally, now that they are bigger, the ultrasound photos are fuzzier and don’t show things as neatly as the level two ultrasound did.  Plus, Dominic does not ultrasounds and usually squirms away from the wand.

All is pretty much well in the world.  I’m hormonal and cry easily, but what else is new?  I can’t even look at election results and my pulse pretty much stays at 100 – 120.  But generally, we’ve been complication-free so far and I hope it continues!


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