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More nursery pics

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At 28 weeks, I’m so huge that all I can do is watch as Dave transforms the room from storage space to nursery.

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The bump

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me looking big

"Bump" is probably not the right word. Gigantic beach ball fits.


So, um, this is me with the kiddos a week or so ago.  I think this was somewhere in week 24.  At the last doctor’s visit, the end of week 23, ultrasound showed Olivia head-down with Dominic’s foot  in her mouth!  Dominic is head up and can kick, where poor Olivia can’t. She can’t reach her feet.  That will teach Dominic to kick his sister!

Both babies are measuring big for gestational age, with Dominic at 1 lb 14 oz and Olivia at 1 lb 9 oz.  There is not a big discrepancy between the two.  That is good.  In twin world, a discrepancy is NOT a good thing.

I look about 8 months pregnant and I’m 6 1/2.  I’m starting to realize what a long, long 3 months we’re in for. I took the first day off of school since missing a 1/2 day with high blood pressure / random cold  in late September.  The babies are just getting bigger and there’s not a lot of room for anything else, so I have quite a lot of stomach pain.  If I mess up, eat too much, too little, the wrong thing, too close to bedtime, too close or too far from my medicine, I pay for it.  And I messed up and was sick today.  But generally, all three of us do well.

They are quite active, although the activity has changed from “Hey, they’re kicking!” to “Man, they really are kicking” to “Can you stop the Riverdance rehearsals here and let me sleep?” In the past few days, I’ve noticed less kicks and more just rustling, which I think probably means they are running out of room for Irish dance and are instead having to do somersaults and wrestling moves.  (As a means of protesting this post, both babies have started their routines for the night as I type.)

I visit the doctor again on Friday and I hope to have some ultrasound photos to post.  Generally, now that they are bigger, the ultrasound photos are fuzzier and don’t show things as neatly as the level two ultrasound did.  Plus, Dominic does not ultrasounds and usually squirms away from the wand.

All is pretty much well in the world.  I’m hormonal and cry easily, but what else is new?  I can’t even look at election results and my pulse pretty much stays at 100 – 120.  But generally, we’ve been complication-free so far and I hope it continues!

The babies’ room

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Dave making the room all pretty as shown through the kitchen windows

So, our house is funky.  That’s been established.  We closed on the house the day after we learned we were becoming parents of twins.  We knew there was a lot of fixing up to do, but no idea how much until rain started pouring in what we were going to use as the babies’ room one day in July.  There was mildew from the supposedly “fixed” leak all over the carpet and baseboard as well. (No, we haven’t gotten anyone to acknowledge responsibility, even though the leak was called “fixed” on the disclosure statement and home owners’ insurance didn’t pay to have it fixed because they said it was preexisting as far as they could tell.  That’s another saga though.)

The room in question is large — 16′ x 16′ — and is an addition built onto the main house.  Consequently, it has windows that open to the kitchen and French doors that open to the dining room.  It’s not a great arrangement for a bedroom when the babies get older because there is no privacy, but it seems to be perfect now.

Last weekend, my sister and her husband came up and fixed the roof and the leak.  Now the room is in the process of being painted. We chose a light blue that goes with both crib sets.

Also, light blue is the color of the sky so if we want to paint nature-type murals, we can.  Dave plans to add some really awesome things, like a sky on the ceiling.

If you look really closely, you can see some of the lime green goodness peeking out in places.  We’re going to replace carpet with laminate flooring too.

A few photos:

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As all the stuff we have has been emptied out of the babies’ room so that we can put down flooring, fix the roof, fix the drywall, and repaint, I’m reminded of how much baby stuff we really do have.(piled in the dining room, but that’s okay) Thanks to garage-sale happy Grandma Barb and some friends, we’ve come a long way with the swag. What I love is that thanks to my sister Janet and her husband Clay, we now have a roof over the babies’ heads that doesn’t leak. Dave is in the process of cleaning out the mildew and re-doing sheet-rock, as well as running off the family of squirrels that lives in the space over the babies’ rooms. (dude, we already have cats. That’s enough cuddly mammalness to worry about.)

We’re putting in laminate flooring because there was no way to replace the ruined bit of carpet without replacing everything and we think that with the mildew and dampness, a hard floor surface will give us less moldy yuckiness to worry about if the roof ever leaks again. And we can’t afford real hardwood right now.

It’s a shame to throw out 16X16 newish carpet for a 4X4 square that was ruined. Maybe I can save it and install it in the bedroom to replace my lovely red shag Graceland carpet.

As you can see, we're really doing well. Swings, bouncy seats, tubs of garage sale clothes, strollers, car seats.

Dave is cutting sheet rock in the babies' room while a high chair and crib set unassembled. I love the crib but there's a plastic piece broken on the drop-side. If I can't get a hold on the manufacturer, it may have to go. Sad to say.

Here's the Babee Tenda crib, filled with all the stuffed animals we own, plus a few other items, as we wheeled them out of the babies' room. I assembled the crib last night. The gates swing open and the drop side hardware is metal. It's had the same design for years and never been recalled.

It’s a BOY! And a GIRL!!

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At 18.5 weeks, we introduce you to Dominic and Olivia — or at least the tops of their heads:

Babies' heads Beautiful little aliens in there, right?

Strangely enough, I complain mostly about Baby on the Right and how it was always 100% more active than Baby on the Left.  Baby on the Right is Dominic, our boy.  Wondering about gender and sex stereotypes already.

Dr. Suess

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Ohhhh…. I want. Can I haz?

This will be more than a registry site, I promise. But right now it’s a place to park all the cool stuff I see on the web.

It’s from Pottery Barn Kids but I figured out how to add it to my amazon registry. 🙂

Dr. Suess bedding.
Dr. Suess bedding

Edit 10/9/10: We’ve decided against the Seuss and primary colors because Dave wants to paint a tree on the walls and Lesley thinks a tree can’t go with primary colors. Stay tuned.


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ultrasound image of twins

The Hitchhikers at 7 weeks, 5 days

Hello from Les and Dave and our two alien babies.

As of today, August 28, 2010, Lesley, Dave, the cats, (Daisy and Rudy) and the twins (Wayne and Garth) are doing great. Wayne and Garth are fat, happy, and acrobatic, doing flips and kicking each other on the ultrasound. I am almost 16 weeks along! (I used an older ultrasound because, well, they were just so cute when they were little enough to fit into one picture!) And no, we don’t know whether Wayne and Garth are really Wayne and Garth or Laverne and Shirley yet.