I’ve always assumed I’d use cloth diapers.  Granted, it WAS 30 years ago that my sister was in diapers, but I remember her using them and it wasn’t a big deal.  Most people had access to disposables by then, but few people where I grew up used them, that I can remember.

I have really sensitive skin and usually break out when I come into contact with any sort of plasticy product.  (This might be TMI, but check out Glad Rags if you want to find feminine products that are easier on the skin and body than traditional disposables).  I had to discontinue using patch medications, for instance, and it takes a week or so for the redness to go down if I have to wear a bandaid for any length of time.   Poison oak, poison ivy, and even plain bug bites form welts that trigger all-over immune reactions.  Apparently, I left the hospital with a diaper rash when I was born. Thanks, British side of the family for the sensitive skin.

If babies are anything like me, cloth diapers will much easier on their skin.  I know disposables have gotten better in the 30+ years since, but they still are much rougher than cloth.  And disposables are still that — disposed of.  I use WAY more disposable and prepackaged products than I should, so I am by no means holier-than-thou when it comes to environmentalism.  I buy soft drinks in cans instead of 2-liters, I buy little plastic dental floss things instead of using a roll of floss — you get the idea. But I cringe when I think of the 16,000 diapers my twins will use rotting in a dump somewhere and outliving me and both of them.

We’re going to try cloth diapers. It’s not like there’s anywhere to go in the winter in Kirksville, so we’ll be home with them enough to give it a try.  Once I go back to work, I plan to send a stash of all-in-ones so the caregivers don’t have to do anything much different than they would if they used disposables — just not throw them away!

I considered a hybrid system like gDiapers or Flip but I couldn’t see the benefit.  I’ll probably buy disposable diaper liners anyway and gDiapers work out to be more expensive than disposables. And I’ll have a stash of disposables on hand for emergencies.

Our current stash as of 9/19/10:

We have the Diaper Junction Sample Package which is:

1 bum genius size xs (BumGenius!’s new diapers are not sized, btw, which I think is AWESOME except for when dealing with newborns)

1 kissa’s size 0

1 fuzzibuns size x-small

1 bummi’s super whisper wrap

aprox 8 cloth diapers to be used inside the fuzzibuns diaper, the bummi’s diaper, or as burp cloths. Some from the sampler package, others from garage sales.  They are prefolds.

When I got the sample package, I loved the kissa’s and the fuzzibuns for how soft they are.

Since we’re not sure which diapers will work the best, we’re waiting until our kiddos arrive  before we build up a stash.  Also, cloth diapers are notorious for not fitting little babies well.  So we’ll work our sample pack.

I really wanted to like the BumGenius best because I had been looking into them on the net.  I still think that I want to go with them when the babies a bit older.  BumGenius 4.0! diapers rock because they grow with the baby. So, theoretically, I could use the same diaper on a newborn that I could use on a toddler going through potty-training.  At roughly $10 – $13 a diaper, they are the most expensive, but they hopefully will last the longest.  I would not get the ones with sizes that were included in my sample pack because it’s a waste of money.  (Incidentally, as a caregiver, I have used many many many diapers, pull ups, and other products on people older than preschool age.  I wish that these nice alternatives existed for adults and children with disabilities).

I will have to work harder to understand how to use the Bummi’s system, where you fold traditional cloth diapers you can get at Walmart, place them on baby, and secure with water-proof diaper cover, not pins.  I decided no pins early on.  It seems like too much work for babysitters but it’s the least expensive option. But figuring out how to wrap a diaper around the baby seems like a recipe for disaster for me.

Other points: Because of my hands, Velcro is preferable to snaps.  And never ever ever am I doing those horrible plastic pants that we used to wear for training – I was maybe 6 and I can still remember the sound of my 2 year old sister walking around the house in them!

So yes, I’m asking for gift cards to DiaperJunction for my shower.  I’m also badly in need of diapering accessories, such as thirsties wipes, traditional baby wipes, wet/dry bags, diaper pails, diaper detergent, and a diaper sprayer.  If you feel the need to start us off with diapers, I think the Kissa’s in size 0 will work (hopefully) until the babies are about 8-12 lbs and can fit comfortably into bum genius 4.0.

I HATE the fact that I have so many different registries in so many places, but I’ll make one at Diaper Junction soon so that I can get all this compiled.

Edit: 10/9/10: I now have a pair of Bum Genius 4.0s and Gro-Vias as well as liners.  I like, I like.  The Gro-Vias just seem more expensive and complicated than need be, but I like the fact that I can either put in a washable cloth liner or a disposable, bio-degradable one and only change the Gro-Via shell when it gets dirty. Gro-Via shells are one-sized as well, which means I won’t have to replace my whole system each time a baby gains a little weight.  On the downside, there are so many pieces and it seems just as expensive as disposable diapers.  Bum Genius 4.0s look like the way to go and if I get lazy, I can stuff a Gro-Via or gDiaper (flushable!)  liner inside.

Edit: 11/3/10  The wonderful people at DiaperJunction.com have agreed to extend their 30 test drive program to 30 days past my due date.  So I can stock up on diapers and not feel worried about what will happen if I get the twins home and HATE the system I have.  So I bought three more Bum Genius 4.0s and some detergent.  Dave has been taking to picking up a package of disposable diapers every now and then — we now have 3 packages.  So I’ve decided to add to my diaper stash once a month too.

That brings the total stash to 6 All-in-ones (1 Fuzzibunz, 1 Bg xs, 4 BG 4.0 one-size diapers)

1 small cover with one kissaluvs insert

1 GroVia with cloth liner and 24 disposable inserts

several prefolded cloth diapers

Newborns go through 10 diapers a day is the best estimate I’ve been given.  Cloth diapers do need to be changed more frequently because without the chemicals to absorb like disposables, they get and stay wet.  A stash of 20 – 30 diapers should last us a day and 1/2.  Sobering.


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