Baby Gear and Registry Info

I think a registry is fun, but it’s much easier to keep track of what we have. Since we have little idea of what or how much we’ll actually need, this might be more helpful.

So I’m going to keep track here: This is essentially a version of an earlier post, but I want to make sure I keep it updated for our reference as well as ya’lls.  Besides, registries are so specific.  They are great if you know exactly what you want.  We have no real clue or what we want/need.  We are really grateful for all of our friends and family who want to help us out.  Keep in mind we are THRILLED to get used stuff and hand-me-downs.

Here’s a link to the amazon registry:

http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/baby/ref=gno_listpop_br (If that doesn’t work, just search for us by name)

And a registry at Target:


When we did the Target Registry, we were tired and drunk with the power of the scan gun.  We might need to edit some choices.
We also have a registry at Diaper Junction but we don’t know what we need from there yet. I’m thinking Bum Genius 4.0!s will be great, but everyone says to wait till the babies come before buying too many diapers. So gift cards to Diaper Junction are always cool!

The Registry is here: http://www.diaperjunction.com/giftregistry_home.asp?action=view&id=20151

Password: Twins!

In all of these, you should probably search for “Thacker” instead of “Leaton”
Essentials we have

  • two Graco Snugride infant seats, bases, and the matching stroller. These will hold the babies until they are 6 months old or so.
  • Babee Tenda cribs. (thank you Craig’s list and Cousin June! These are safety cribs that open at the side so Lesley doesn’t have to heft the kids over the top. And they are not the scary drop-sided ones)
  • 1 package of newborn Huggies and a sample package of 6 different styles of newborn cloth diapers
  • a Kolkraft little limo stroller for grandma’s house
  • a bassinet with extra sheets
  • a changing pad
  • a Winnie the Pooh musical bouncy seat and now a tropical rain forest bouncy seat!
  • a pack n play not sure if it’s operational since there was a cat accident in it
  • 1 garage sale high chair with no straps!
  • two cute bear backpacks with leashes for when they toddle away (THANKS JUNE!)
  • a plastic bath tub
  • aprox 500 garage sale bibs

What we need:

Essentials from the Amazon list and other places

(these are things we’ve looked at and feel like they will suit our needs the best. Because Lesley has rheumatoid, products need to be easy for her to operate. )

  • double snap and go (we have double strollers we’ve found at garage sales, but the double snap and go looks light enough for Lesley to use on her own) (It’s on the Amazon registry)
  • double bassinet by Graco (It’s on the Amazon registry)
  • gift card to Diaper Junction.com (This is HUGE! We want to try cloth diapering and have several samples. I’ve been told by wise people not to stock up on any fitted cloth diapers until we try them our actual babies and see what works. And no, I’m not folding and pinning. I’m really looking into Bum Genius 4.0s once our kiddos grow out of newborns, but we’ll see)
  • baby k’tan sling and/or Ergo baby back pack. (They’re on the Amazon registry)These appear to be the best suited to help Lesley get around with 1 or two babies tied to her. 🙂 We are a little nervous about the sling though. The Baby K’Tain has rings so Lesley won’t have to try to tie the sling.  We also put two Baby Bjorns on the Target registry.  We obviously don’t need all of these!  Just trying to cover bases.
  • We registered for a video monitor at Target.   We would like a video one, but it doesn’t need to the WAY expensive one they have there.
  • Essentials of any brand/type (we have some of these on the registries but aren’t attached to any color or brand in particular)

  • changing table or dresser (our Babee Tenda crib is a light wood color but it really doesn’t matter)
  • a second crib (we’ve been told that twins sleep better in one crib till 6 months to a year. The Babee Tenda crib will save Lesley’s back and serve as the main crib, but twin two will need a place to move to eventually)  Watch this space; we may have gotten another Babee Tenda on Craigslist! Got one on Craigslist!
  • feeding gear. We’re not sure if we’re breastfeeding, pumping, or formula feeding. It really depends on Lesley’s health.  We need bottles, bottle cleaners, drying racks, all that good stuff.  Cousin Patty gave us the hook up on bottles, at least for smaller babies.
  • infant swing frame(s) that car seats snap into. on Amazon (not essential — we have swings, etc.)
  • clothes.  Grandma Barb is hitting the garage sale circuit pretty hard, but we’re short on newborn and 0-3 size gowns, sleepers, etc.
  • a crib divider once babies start kicking each other in their crib.
  • a bathtub type contraption. Right now, we have no bathtubs in the house, so this should be something I can actually put a kid in to use in the sink or a counter. SCORE: Garage sale!
  • a nifty diaper bag or two
  • high chair(s)
  • bumbo seats, play gyms, bouncy seats, swings — anything we can safely strap one baby in (within eyesight and arm’s length, of course, while changing, bathing, feeding or doing anything else with the other.)
  • receiving blankets, burp clothes, etc.
  • first aid kit, nail clippers, thermometer, bath towels
  • some forms of baby gates, play yards, and containment systems. (armed containment systems not needed at this point.)
  • towels, little hooded outfits, etc. for carrying from cold bathroom
  • little snowsuits for the babies and the cold weather for the first few months
  • little toys, etc.
  • extra crib sheets — any color.

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